There are several good reasons to renovate your home with a new entryway. Pride of ownership. Friendly competition amongst neighbors. Once again in 2017, there is another great reason. Return on your investment. ROI is simply the effect that your project or investment has on your home's value. 

Reporting from the last several years consistently shows that replacing your front door and entryway is among the most effective home improvement projects with the highest return on your investment. As we like to say, your front door is the focal point of your home. A new entryway can transform your home and significantly elevate its curb appeal, which is a considerable factor in determining your home's overall value. Both fiberglass and steel entry doors appear atop list of various home improvements by virtue of their upgrades in terms of the home's security, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. ROI for installing a fiberglass entry door is at 78%, and steel entry door at 91%. This is valuable information when trying to decide how to spend your home improvement budget! Get designing a new entryway and view on your own home... now at NBP View.