As Northeast grows nationally we strive to remain dedicated and involved in our communities. We are proud to support amazing schools, youth programs, and other humanitarian endeavors that remind us of the importance of family, community, and the nurturing of young lives.

The Northeast/Caring For Friends Partnership

Caring for Friends and Northeast Building Products share a decades-long friendship and collaboration addressing needs for homeless, elderly, and needy in their communities in Philadelphia, starting back in 1975… when Northeast founders Irv and Elaine Levin would cook and prepare food in their own kitchen to add to the stocks held and distributed by Aid for Friends, the original iteration of Caring for Friends during the 1970s. Northeast Owner and CEO from 2002-2019, Alan Levin volunteered time as a teenager, assisting his parents in their righteous efforts to champion the Caring For Friends cause… which Alan reminded us during Harvey’s “60 Years” Celebrations, is a non-denominational force for good who prepares food according to certain norms dictated by a group’s religious convictions, simply seeing needs and helping to fulfill them for people who can use momentary support.

Rita Ungaro-Schiavone’s started this organization in 1974 with a simple idea… providing food and friendship for individuals in need. Over nearly five decades Rita and her teams have worked to expand others’ awareness about needs of this sort in Philadelphia, speaking to community groups and religious groups across the city and suburbs of Philadelphia. Adopting the moniker Caring for Friends in 2019, the new version of their name gets to the heart of the “why” behind their mission and actions, and the caring spirit behind them.

Find out more about Caring for Friends, including how you could potentially help them help your community here.


Metropolitan Philadelphia Athletic Association

The MPAA is designed to be a continuous positive influence in the social, educational, and athletic development of disenfranchised youth.

Vipers Sports Group

The Vipers basketball program is more than just a Philadelphia basketball club… it is a place where youth can develop skills both on and off the court. Our program and it’s highly skilled staff are committed to top-level basketball training, as well as top-level academics. We create an environment to develop skills in discipline, sportsmanship, respect and handwork.

Extreme Home Makeover


Trisha Urban of Hamburg PA suffered a terrible tragedy with the untimely death of her husband. He died suddenly of a heart attack while Trisha was in labor. Since Andy's death February 4th 2009 she has raised thousands of dollars for the American Heart Association. She also works multiple jobs just to try to make ends meet, one of which is as a hospice nurse, using her own experience to help other families cope during their difficult times. Together with the team at Extreme Home Makeover, Northeast Building Products helped bring to reality the dream that Trisha and Andy had always hoped for. On July 29, 2010 construction began and on August 5, 2010 it was completed on the Urban Hideway Farm. All of us at Northeast Building Products Corporation were honored and proud to be able to help make this dream into a reality for such a deserving family.


Bethanna is an organization that provides the highest quality system of care for children and families in order to ensure safety, restore emotional wellness, and build family stability.

Our commitment to Bethanna is to help them acheive their mission in providing foster care and adoptive services to children in need. We proudly sponser events throughout the years for them. See our latest news.

Habitat for Humanity, Burlington County, NJ

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world. To accomplish this they invite people from all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with the actual families in need to provide decent shelter. Since its founding in 1976, Habitat has helped build over 400,000 decent, affordable homes and have served more than 2 million people.

Considering that our business is building windows and doors for homes, we decided at Northeast Building Products that it only made sense to join together and work with a local branch of Habitat for Humanity. In participation with the Burlington County, NJ affiliate of Habitat, Northeast Building Products has donated over $50,000 worth of building materials to help their cause.

If you would like to read more about the Burlington County, NJ Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity...

Take a look at their Spring 2010 Newsletter


Aquarium Donated by NBP to Franklin Towne Charter Elementary School

November 16th, 2011

Today Northeast Building Products' owners, Alan & Fran Levin were honored with a "thank you" from a brand new school, the Franklin Towne Charter Elementary School. The thank you was for donating a wonderful aquarium to the local area school. Northeast Building Products Levin's were also presented with great hand written thank you letters from some of the children who attend the school. These kids really appreciate the generosity and having a fish tank to see everyday while they are at school. Alan and Fran were very impressed with all the wonderful kids they meet today. Please feel free to browse all the terrific letters that the kids presented to Alan and Fran.

To our surprise, the students had some nice thank you's to share with us...


"Thank you so much for the new fish tank. The fish are gorgeous.
And the rocks make the room glow when I walk in..."

"Thank you so much for the fish you donated to our school. The fish you gave to our school are very cool. I like them alot..."

"Thank you for your wonderful gift. Everyday when I walk thru the main lobby, I see the fish tank and it puts a smile on my face, and brightens my day. Everyone in my class loved it..."